VIP Membership for Residents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

VIP Membership

Membership Price (SR)
Individual 40,000
Family of 2-6 50,000
Family of 7-10 70,000
Family of 11 & above 90,000
Children under the age of 5 and parents of the main member are added free of charge to the membership and are not counted as members.

Sons over the age of 25 are added for a fee of SR 5,000 each and are not counted as members.

Personal Assistants (Maids/Drivers) can be added for SAR 5,000 each provided that they are under the member’s sponsorship (applicable to resident PAs). Personal Assistants cannot benefit from the Executive Office facilities and services unless accompanying the main member or one of the dependents.

Guests accompanying members will be charged SAR1,500 each per trip.

If the member is not travelling, guests can be added for SR1,500 each per trip.